Turn Of The Century Solid Gold Chain Coin Purse Seen At The Original Miami Antique Show 2016

Unique 19th C Imperial Russian Solid Silver, Enamel, Gold&sapphires Purse

   Unique 19th C Imperial Russian solid silver, enamel, gold&sapphires purse. One of a kind antique late 19th Century Imperial Russian heavy. Solid silver, enamel, gold&sapphires ladies purse c1890's. This unique purse has been made specially for the Court of Nicholas II, and awarded personally by Tsar to some noble lady. There is a solid gold monogram of Nicholas II in the center of the purse. There is some reparations on the enamel, made in vintage times. The sapphire precious stones mounted in solid gold. The monogram in the center is also solid gold. Signed with 84 ...
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